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This section of IGN's Destiny 2: The Witch Queen guide details the Preservation mission including how to unlock the weekly repeatable mission, a full walkthrough of the mission, and where to find the hidden scannable lore book entries at the end.

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How to Unlock Preservation

The Preservation mission is part of the REPORT: PYRAMID-INSPECT Quest, and requires you to investigate and clear out Scorn enemies from the Pyramid located within the Throne World destination. After finishing Preservation for the first time, it will be unlocked as a weekly repeatable mission that rewards a Pinnacle gear drop upon completion.

To begin the mission, select it from the top-left corner of the map in the Throne World. You can play solo or with a Fireteam of up to three Guardians. The recommended Power level is 1540.

Preservation Walkthrough

This mission is identical to the opening section of the Disciple of the Bog raid and requires (minus the secret chest) and takes you through the opening Disciple's Bog area to familiarize yourself with the mechanics.

When you begin, approach the entrance straight ahead and you'll be required to defeat a Projection of Savathûn and a group of Hive enemies. Once the enemies have been defeated, head inside the open doorway up the stairs. Hop on your sparrow and follow the bog path until you reach a stationary black ferry.

As you approach, Scorn enemies will begin spawning in. You'll need to specifically defeat the two Knowledge Bearer Ogre enemies. Some of the enemies will drop Resonant Runes, which are required to complete part of the REPORT: PYRAMID-INSPECT Quest step.

You'll also notice an increasing stack of the Pervading Darkness debuff on the left side of your screen during this encounter. This happens when you are too far from the ferry, and when it reaches ten stacks you'll die immediately. As it increases, your screen will slowly fill with darkness and you'll be unable to see anything around you.


To reduce the Pevading Darkness stacks, stand near the ferry - specifically inside the orange circle aura it emits. The stacks of Pervading Darkness will slowly count back down to zero until they disappear immediately.

After both Knowledge Bearers have been defeated, a number of glowing orange "knowledge" shards will appear around the area. Some are more hidden than others, but can easily be found by a glowing orange column of light eminating from the top.

Make your way around the arena collecting the knowledge. After collecting the first one, you'll gain the Heightened Knowledge status. A second pickup will upgrade it to Brimming Knowledge, and a third will give you the Overflowing Knowledge status. At this point, you'll no longer be able to pick up anymore shards. Return to the ferry to deposit your stacks of knowledge before heading back out to collect more.

Once all the knowledge has been collected in the area, the ferry will power up and begin moving. Hop on top and ride it to the next area. As it approaches the next destination, the ferry will come to a stop and more enemies will spawn in.

You'll need to repeat the same process multiple times until the ferry reaches its final destination - the entrance to the Pyramid. Head through the doorway at the back of the room and proceed inside.

Follow the hallway through the Pyramid's interior until you reach a large room with colored symbols on the walls. Make your way to the right side of the room and you'll find a walkway that leads down into a hole. Drop down into the hole and be ready to break your fall at the bottom with a jump as it's a long way down.

After you reach the bottom, continue heading through the large doorways and follow the hallway. There's some really interesting items on display here, (like the cross-section of a Hive Worm God!) so feel free to take your time examining as there are no enemies or time limit to worry about just yet.


Once you've gotten a chance to look at everything, continue through the halls until you reach the a doorway at the top of a small staircase. After passing through, you'll reach an area called Acquisition and be given the task of eliminating the Scorn enemies in the area.

Drop down into the arena and defeat the enemies in the center of the room. Once you've cleared them out, head into the large room with the "Give" glyph icon above the doorway (two downward-facing red hands with a black triangle in the center).

Inside, clear out the Scorn enemies as you push your way towards the back of the room where you'll find a Corrupted Chieftain enemy. After all enemies have been cleared out, the "Stop" glyph will appear (a red square). This glyph icon indicates the location you'll need to seek out next.

When you exit the "Give" room, stick to the left side of the arena and you'll find a room with the same "Stop" icon above the doorway - which is now open. Clear the enemies out around this area and head inside the "Stop" room.

Defeat the enemies within and, once clear, you'll find another two glyphs revealed - "Knowledge" (brain) and "Drink" (water pouring into a cup above someone's head). This is your next clue as to where to go.

Exit this room and head through the large open doorway on your left (inbetween the "Knowledge" and "Drink" rooms). This will lead you to the final arena and a boss fight to cap off this mission.


When you enter the arena, there will be Scorn enemies waiting for you that you'll need to take out. At the back of the arena, there will be three Fanatic's Chosen enemies that will need to be defeated.

The key to this fight is to utilize cover and stay near the front of the arena where you entered. This allows you plenty of time to react as there will be an endless onslaught of Scorn enemies, including Ravagers that can easily freeze you with their icy lanterns from a distance if you're not careful.

Focus on dealing with one Fanatic's Chosen at a time, and make sure to stay behind cover as they have a devastating ranged shot.

After you've defeated all three, the mission will be completed. However, you'll have a 25-minute countdown timer before you're automatically pulled to orbit if you'd like to explore. There are scannable lore entries that will net you a Ghost shell once you've collected all ten.

Preservation - Lore Book Locations

After the mission ends, you’ll be asked to discover truths around the Acquisition area. This portion is optional, but will allow you to pick up five lore book entries that can only be found within the Preservation mission. By collecting all ten lore book entries, you'll unlock the Imperious Sun Ghost Shell and be one step closer to acquiring the Disciple-Killer seal.

Lore Book Scan #1:

The first lore book scan is at the back of the arena following the fight, you can't miss it.

Lore Book Scan #2:


The second lore book scan can be found on a platform overlooking the arena just below the entrance to the Acquisition area.

Lore Book Scan #3:

The third lore book scan is located through the doorway to the right of the "Commune" building (black Pyramid icon with green lines coming out of the top). You'll find it near the back ledge overlooking the abyss.

Lore Book Scan #4:

You'll find the fourth lore book scan at the back righthand corner of the "Stop" room (red square icon above the door).

Lore Book Scan #5:

The final lore book scan can be found at the back of the "Give" room (icon with two red hands and black triangle shape icon above the door).

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Preservation - Destiny 2 Guide - IGN (2024)


Can you complete preservation solo? ›

While you can complete this mission solo, it will take significantly longer than doing it with two other players and you will not be able to complete the symbol puzzle to get progress towards unlocking the Exotic Ghost Shell.

How to do disciples bog? ›

Vow of the Disciple - Disciple's Bog. The first section of the Raid requires you to escort a ferry from the Disciple's Bog area to the entrance of the Pyramid before you can enter. When you begin, approach the entrance straight ahead and you'll be required to defeat a Projection of Savathûn and a group of Hive enemies.

How do you unlock the preservation campaign in Destiny 2? ›

After players first beat the Vow of the Disciple raid in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, a mission called Preservation unlocked for all players. This mission takes you through the raid's opening and the first encounter so you can unlock some of the secrets held within the Darkness Pyramid.

How do you replay preservation in Destiny 2? ›

After finishing Preservation for the first time, it will be unlocked as a weekly repeatable mission that rewards a Pinnacle gear drop upon completion. To begin the mission, select it from the top-left corner of the map in the Throne World.

How to defeat Rhulk? ›

After depositing the Emanating Force buff into the correct receptacle, Rhulk will have a glowing yellow critical spot appear on either his shoulder or leg. Shoot this to damage him, but be careful not to accidentally shoot his glaive unless you want the Leeching Force buff.

How to dunk Rhulk? ›

Yes, back by popular demand, these glyph-lugging fellows will both drop three glyphs, of which one will be a common symbol. This will correspond to one of the L1-3 and R1-3 pillars, identifying the one in need of dunking. The Emanating Force player dunks in the correct pillar and the Rhulk shield gets pushed back.

Which Destiny 2 campaigns are vaulted? ›

Bungie has said one thing very specifically, they are not vaulting any more expansions going forward. This is after they vaulted all Destiny 2 vanilla campaign content, two full DLCs and the campaign of the Forsaken expansion.

What is the exotic ghost in the vow of the disciple? ›

You'll need to complete the “Vow of the Disciple Lore Book Unlocks” Triumph and collect the Imperious Sun Exotic Ghost shell to complete the Vow of the Disciple seal and earn the “Disciple-Slayer” title.

How do I claim unclaimed items from past seasons in Destiny 2? ›

You will be required to link your Bungie account by clicking on it. Next, choose any desired season by pressing on the “Change previous season” button, and that's all. Now with access to all available seasonal items, you can finally collect past season rewards for Destiny 2.

How to get trust goes both ways quest? ›

This Quest can be acquired from Fynch after completing the introductory missions of The Witch Queen Campaign. Speak with him and accept the Quest from the Vendor screen in the Throne World.

Is it possible to solo the last wish raid? ›

For starters, you will need to launch the Last Wish Raid from Dreaming City. This can be done completely solo, so open up your Destinations tab, click on the Dreaming City icon on the map, and start the Last Wish Raid from the top-left corner of your screen.

Can you complete a raid solo? ›

You cannot physically complete a raid alone, no. They are designed for six people, and while if I remember right many encounter that can be done with much fewer people, often three but there may be are soloable encounters, I believe every single raid has at least one encounter that requires at least two people.

Can you complete destiny solo? ›

Most of destiny can be done alone. Except for raids and high-level activities. Hoping on the PC LFG destiny 2 discord, you can find like minded players that would play anything with you!

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