Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (2024)

Got all your spells? Are you sure? There are a number of trainers scattered around the Spiral who might have something you need! We’ll be looking at all the often over-looked trainers that you might have missed, how to find them, and what they offer. We’ll also discuss how their offers relate to your PvP career.

Today we’ll be visiting:

1) Sabrina Greenstar – Wizard City Fairgrounds
2) Mortis – Nightside
3) Dworgyn – Nightside
4) Mildred Farseer – Colossus Blvd.

5) Tish’mah – Krokotopia
6) Niles – Krokotopia
7) Alharazed – Krokotopia
8) Croaky – Marleybone

Sabrina Greenstar in the Wizard City Fairgrounds

The easiest to find of them all, but can’t assume anything. Sabrina can be found in the Wizard City Commons’ Fairgrounds. On the left hand side of the carousel. At level 10, you can pick up an 80% shield for your own school for free.

Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (1)

Recommendations: Only pick up the shield that is free. Do not spend your training points on any other shield.

Mortis in Wizard City’s Nightside

How to get there: In the commons go underneath the waterfall. You will see the entrance to Cave to Nightside. At level 15, you can get these spells. All of these are useless, except for infection.

Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (2)

Recommendation: Pick up your free spell only. Train infection if you are a serious pvp player. Infection is necessary to cut off your opponent’s heals. The only other way is to use entangle (dispel life) or use doom and gloom. However, if you play wizards for pve only, do not train infection.

Dworgyn in Wizard City’s Nightside

How to get to Dworgyn: From Mortis, turn around and go to the building on the left. Dworgyn is where you go to get death spells above Vampire.

Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (3)


In the past, many PvP balance players trained death to feint (7 tps) in order to get a good damage spike with a bladed, feinted judge. In PvE, training death to feint can be useful for the feint. However the spells up to feint are not very useful unless you have a death mastery amulet. You can now buy treasure card feints at the bazaar, garden for them, and at higher levels you can get amulets with feint. Think hard before you train death to feint. You have to ask yourself is 7 training points for feint worth it?

Mildred Farseer in Wizard City’s Colossus Boulevard

The next trainer is Mildred Farseer in Coldstone Cottage on Colossus Boulevard. How to get to Mildred…. Run to Mindy PixieCrown. See that little path in the picture? Follow it. Takes you right to Mildred. Mildred offers life trap, which all life wizards can get free at level 10. She offers 7 dispels at level 22. You get the dispel for your school for free when you reach level 22, so remember to come here to get it. Nobody ever tells you. Last, but not least you can train reshuffle at level 20.

Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (4)


From a PvP standpoint, reshuffle is absolutely necessary. Balance players get reshuffle for free. If you do not train reshuffle, your alternatives are to carry it in your side deck, or get a pet that gives you a reshuffle card. You can buy treasure card reshuffles from the bazaar or the library.

Some PvP players train other schools’ dispels; the most common being entangle. Entangle dispels your opponent’s life spells, good if you are fighting a life wizard and/or trying to cut off your opponents healing. The downside is it costs you 2 pips to cast. Your opponent can cast any life spell (i.e. a life wand spell) to get rid of entangle, and a pet spritely/unicorn will also get rid of the dispel. PvE only players do not need to train reshuffle, nor do they need to train other schools’ dispels. Save your training points for other spells.

Tish’mah in Krokotopia’s Oasis

The Secret Shop. This is a tricky shop to get to. From the spiral gate turn left and go across the second rope bridge past the recipe vendors. Veer left and you will see a teleporter in between two towers. The towers must be lit all the way to the top. This can take a long time. If the red line is at the bottom, I suggest you switch realms until you get to one that is like the one in the picture above. Or, you may get lucky and find one that is lit all the way.

Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (5)

Here is one lit all the way. The teleporter will be lit also. Just step onto the teleporter. And, you are there! Great view from here. You can go inside the building and talk to the shopkeeper. There is nothing interesting to buy there except maybe the Krok pet which sells for 1500 gold. Go to the roof and you will see Tish’mah. He has myth manipulation spells from level 10 – 25, free to myth.

Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (6)

Recommendation: Do not train any of these spells if you are not myth.

Niles in Krokotopia’s Krokosphinx

To get to Niles, you must ride the boat to the Krokosphinx. If you cannot board the boat, you have to ask a friend with access to go there so you can port to them. It’s tempting to get elemental trap at level 15 and spirit trap at level 20, but don’t do it. It’s a waste of training points because they cost 1 pip to cast. Also in PvP, traps are not the best tactic to use. They are easy to counter.

Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (7)


If you do pve only, train spirit blade if you are death, life, or myth. Train elemental blade if you are storm, fire, or ice. If you do pvp, it’s up to the individual and how they like to play. If you are ice, training elemental blade is useful because you do not get your school ice blade until level 38. For fire, stacking an elemental blade with a regular blade can be helpful for a big one hit Heckhound. For storm, training elemental blade is not as useful since storm usually does not have time to blade stack, deal with shields, and keep health up. For life, death, and myth, training spirit blade can be helpful, particularly because the damage output from a spirit school is low.

Alhazred in Krokotopia’s Krokosphinx

How to get there. Go to the Krokosphinx. Climb down the ladder. Not much of interest here except for balance spells. Low level balance spells through power play can be picked up from Arthur Wethersfeld in Ravenwood, so you won’t need to come here unless you are balance and need to pick up Spectral Blast, Donate Power, and Hydra.

Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (8)

Croaky in Marleybone’s Digmoore Station

To get to Croaky, go to Digmoore Station. Head down the stairs behind Mayor Pimsbury to the Air Dales Hideaway. At level 25, you can pick up a free minion manipulation spell.

Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (9)

Recommendation: Pick up your free spell and nothing else.

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Wizard101 Secret Trainers Guide (2024)
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