Regal Cinema Ticket Prices (2024)

1. Regal

  • Movies

  • Regal offers the best cinematic experience in digital 2D, 3D, IMAX, 4DX. Check out movie showtimes, find a location near you and buy movie tickets online.

2. Ticket Prices - Regal Cinema Youghal

  • Regal Cinema ticket prices do not include any applicable payment processing fees and booking fees. All prices are inclusive of any applicable VAT.

  • Regal cinema ticket prices

Ticket Prices - Regal Cinema Youghal

3. Ticket price at Regal cinemas 2006-2017 - Statista

  • 5 jan 2023 · Average ticket price at Regal cinemas from 2006 to 2017 (in U.S. dollars).

  • This statistic contains data on the average ticket prices at Regal Cinemas.

Ticket price at Regal cinemas 2006-2017 - Statista

4. Regal Cinema 99 Movie Showtimes & Tickets | Vancouver - Fandango

  • Find movie tickets and showtimes at the Regal Cinema 99 location. Earn double rewards when you purchase a ticket with Fandango today.

Regal Cinema 99 Movie Showtimes & Tickets | Vancouver - Fandango

5. Regal Cinema, Redruth - Merlin Cinemas

Regal Cinema, Redruth - Merlin Cinemas

6. Regal, Henley-On-Thames - Picturehouse Cinemas

  • Tickets are £3.30 for children, free for accompanying adults. Join us Tuesday and Friday for 30 minutes of episodes for preschool children and their parents and ...

  • Characterful three-screen cinema and café-bar in beautiful Henley-on-Thames.

7. How Much Do Regal Cinema Tickets Cost? [2024 Prices]

  • 21 mrt 2024 · Types of Seats Available in Regal Cinemas: · Your classic movie theater seat · Prices start at $6.50 for children and $7.50 for adults. Premium ...

  • Want to know how much do regal cinema tickets cost you then do check out these updated 2024 prices along with more information here.

How Much Do Regal Cinema Tickets Cost? [2024 Prices]

8. Regal Cinemas | Atlantic Station

  • ... and 3D, so there's always something playing for every movie lover. Avoid the line and purchase tickets in advance. See what's playing and check showtimes.

  • Atlantic Station's Regal Cinema houses 18 theaters in IMAX, RPX, VIP, and 3D, so there's always something playing for every movie lover. Avoid the line and purchase tickets in advance. See what's playing and check showtimes.

Regal Cinemas | Atlantic Station

9. Regal Cinema & Wine Bar Youghal | Regal Cinema

  • Regal Cinema & Wine Bar Youghal - Book Online. View Cinema Listings and Book Cork Cinema Tickets! Find the latest film times, offers, trailers and prices.

Regal Cinema & Wine Bar Youghal | Regal Cinema

10. What's on at the Regal Cinema, Wadebridge

11. Regal Cinemas | Celebration Pointe Gainesville, FL

  • ... cinema property between the ... Upcoming Sales. Early Bird Ticket Prices at Regal Celebrate summer with $5-8 movie tickets on Saturday and Sunday before noon!

  • Recliner Seating Kick back and relax during your movie with luxury recliner seating.

Regal Cinemas | Celebration Pointe Gainesville, FL

12. Regal stadium nanuet -

  • 5 uur geleden · Find movie tickets and showtimes at the Regal Nanuet & RPX location. Earn double rewards. Resorts near Regal Cinemas Nanuet Stadium 12, Nanuet ...

  • 404

13. Regal theater morgantown wv - Andreia Project

  • Showtimes & Tickets. 15451 US. March/April. Today 29 Sat 30 Sun. Regal Morgantown, movie times for Barbie. Movie theater information and online movie ...

  • 404

14. Tickets - The Regal Stowmarket | Booking

  • ... CINEMA PERFORMANCE. Book Tickets. Tuesday 11 Jun 2024, 19:15 ... Regal Theatre in the town with their show 'Masters of Swing'. ... Tickets are £17 full price, £16 ...

  • Menu

15. Blackstone Valley 14: Cinema de Lux | Showtimes & Tickets - US

  • The Blackstone Valley 14: Cinema de Lux movie theater features XPlus Laser, Chatters Bar & Grill & more. Reserve your seats online today!

16. Regal Cinema Evesham | Movie Session Times & Tickets, Contacts ...

  • Find session times and book tickets for Regal Cinema Evesham, Worcestershire.

Regal Cinema Evesham | Movie Session Times & Tickets, Contacts ...

17. Regal Ticket Prices - Movie Theater Prices

  • Regal Ticket Prices ; Adults, $11.00 - $12.50 ; Seniors (ages 60+), $11.00 - $12.50 ; 3D IMAX Movies ; Children (<11 years), $17.00 - $18.50.

  • Find movie ticket prices for Regal Cinemas. Prices are for children, adults, seniors, military, and students. Discover how to get discounts on your tickets.

Regal Ticket Prices - Movie Theater Prices

18. Nanuet movie theater -

  • 1 uur geleden · Regal Nanuet & RPX Showtimes on IMDb: Get local movie times. Menu. Movies. ... 6201 Fashion Drive, Nanuet NY 10954 | (844) 462-7342 ext.

  • 404

19. Our Theatres - Regency Cinema 8 - Stuart - EPIC Theatres

  • Experience the magic of cinema in at Stuart's Epic Theatres. ... cinema, discount tuesday movies, and an array of amenities. ... Ticket Prices. Child / Senior ...

  • 2448 South Federal Highway

Regal Cinema Ticket Prices (2024)


What day is the cheapest to buy movie tickets? ›

Discount Tuesdays benefits will apply when purchasing through Fandango or Atom Tickets.

Why are theater tickets so expensive now? ›

Industry professionals say soaring ticket prices are due to various reasons, including rising production costs, a changing industry and the rise of celebrity headliners.

Are movie tickets the same price online? ›

Buying your tickets at the box office or on the theater's website can sometimes be cheaper than purchasing via a third-party site. Online ticketing services such as Fandango and often charge convenience fees for their services, so buying your tickets at the box office instead can save you money.

Why are cinema tickets more expensive? ›

Who makes the money: the movie theater or the movie studio? Typically, theaters and studios split the proceeds of ticket sales, but the theater sets the ticket price. Theaters actually make the majority of their money on concessions, which is why you find yourself paying steep prices for popcorn, soda and candy.

What day is 2 for 1 cinema tickets? ›

Enjoy a whole year of 2 for 1 cinema tickets. Meerkat Movie members can enjoy 2-for-1 film tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for a whole year. It's easy: become a Meerkat Movies member by making a qualifying purchase through, download the Meerkat app or visit

Is it cheaper to buy tickets at the cinema or online? ›

Is buying online tickets to a movie always less expensive? Yes or no both. If you are booking an online ticket with some offers on it it may cheaper than offline ticket. But if you won't apply any offer then it may be more usually convenience fee of that party website.

How much money of a movie ticket goes to the theater? ›

So if you're paying, say, $12 for a ticket on an opening weekend… the theater itself might only be making $2–$3 from it, if not less. As time goes on, theaters get to gradually keep more and more of the ticket sales. After a month or two, it's usually pretty much a 50/50 split.

Why is food so expensive at movie theaters? ›

One of the most apparent is competition. Once you're in the movie theater, your only option for food and drinks is the concessions or an on-site kitchen. Without anyone to compete with (besides smuggled snacks), the concession stand can charge whatever they'd like.

Why are tickets different prices? ›

Tickets are actually priced by artists and teams. It's their show, they get to decide what it costs to get in. The NFL tickets on Ticketmaster were priced by the home teams, concert tickets were priced by the performer's business teams, Monster Jam tickets were priced by its producer (Feld Entertainment), and so forth.

Which day is the cheapest to go to the cinema? ›

All guests are eligible to receive the Discount Tuesdays ticket prices. In addition, Cinemark Movie Rewards members receive extra savings on top of already incredible Discount Tuesday ticket pricing. *Discount applies for Tuesday showtimes only and varies by location.

How to avoid convenience fee regal? ›

Pricing and Convenience Fees

If you would prefer not to pay the Fee, it is possible to purchase tickets at the theatre in person, where it will not apply. By confirming your online booking, you agree to pay the Fee, in addition to the price payable for tickets.

What time is the cheapest to watch a movie? ›

Going to the movies is a popular social activity, so late afternoon and evening showings are usually busier. But if you're OK with going to an early show, you'll pay the matinee price, which is typically a few bucks cheaper than the standard movie ticket.

Are cinemas overpriced? ›

Data from YouGov Global Profiles shows that half of consumers across the Americas, Europe, MENA, and APAC (52%) agree that the cinema is too expensive.

How much is a cinema ticket in the US? ›

The average movie ticket cost $11.75 in 2022, according to EntTelligence, a research firm. In New York, prices reach $28, depending on the format. A small popcorn at AMC Lincoln Square costs $10 with tax.

How much do most movie tickets cost? ›

In the United States, movie tickets typically range in price from about $9 to $20 per viewing. However, prices may vary depending on the region, the movie theater, and the specific movie being shown (e.g., 3D and IMAX screenings may cost more than regular screenings).

What day are cinema tickets cheaper? ›

The cheapest days to go are always Monday to Thursday. Most cinemas have lower prices on these days, and cheaper still before 5pm.

What day is cheaper to buy tickets? ›

As previously mentioned, booking airfare on Sunday is cheaper than other days of the week, especially Fridays. Be willing to fly mid-week. Since Thursdays tend to be the cheapest day to fly, see if you can tweak your travel plans so you depart and fly home during the week instead of on weekend days. Set price alerts.

Why are movies discounted on Tuesdays? ›

Tuesday is the most statistically slow day in a movie theater, because they get more business during weekends, some Mondays are part of the 3-day weekends (like Juneteenth this year), and film previews and new releases hit on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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