NBA 2K24 Wembanyama rating - court ready (2024)

Most years, the buzz around NBA 2K24 ratings heading into launch is focused on top players who look poised to be the most deadly weapons in the game. However, every now and then the focus shifts towards a generational prospect on their way into the league. While top players are getting plenty of attention, the NBA 2K24 Wembanyama rating was a hot topic even before it was revealed.

The young prodigy out of Le Chesnay, France became the first overall pick by the San Antonio Spurs, and the hype is already building for his NBA debut. Of course, his 2.4 million followers on Instagram and 293.8k followers on Twitter could be helping that hype train gain steam. 2K knew the demand was there because we’ve now learned just where rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama will land on the NBA 2K24 ratings.

The Wembanyama rating in NBA 2K24 clocks in at 84 overall, which is one of the highest rookie ratings in the NBA 2K franchise. While he isn’t at the top of the rankings, for a rookie this is a great start to his NBA career.

Rookies always get a little attention during the offseason as fans try to predict who will become an NBA sensation, but it’s been some time since one got quite as much buzz as 19-year-old Victor Wembanyama. When it comes to all-star pedigrees, it doesn’t get much better than Wemby’s, with a father who was a track and field athlete and a mother who was a basketball coach and former player. Meanwhile, genetics lent him a hand as the youngster is 7 feet 4 inches tall and will be tied with 34-year-old Boban Marjanović as the tallest active NBA player once he hits the court this season.

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Victor Wembanyama’s resume doesn’t end there, as his young career in France included becoming a 3-time Pro A Best Young Player, 2-time LNB All-Star, LNB All-Star Game MVP, All-Pro A First Team, Pro A Best Defender, Pro A Best Scorer, Pro A Most Valuable Player, and leading ASVEL to the Pro A championship during his single season with the team. Wembanyama also competes with the French national team and already has two silver medals under his belt as he prepares to make the leap to the NBA.

The hype around Wembanyama, or Wemby as he often calls himself and uses on social media, was enough for 2K to make his MyTeam card one of their most coveted pre-order rewards. Players who placed a pre-order for the NBA 2K24 25th Anniversary Edition before July 17th will start the year with a 90 OVR Victor Wembanyama Free Agent card in MyTeamas well as a Victor Wembanyama MyPlayer Jersey for use in MyCareer.

The San Antonio Spurs are quickly buying into the hype, as they took a gamble that could pay off in a huge way by selecting Victor Wembanyama as the first overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. This made him the first French player and only the second European player to be drafted first overall, and the best news for Wembanyama that isn’t connected to his existing skill and physical prowess is that he’ll be playing under one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the NBA today.

Just recently, Gregg Popovich was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach, but the 74-year-old legend isn’t ready to call it quits. He’ll be back on the court leading the San Antonio Spurs, just like he has since 1996, and there’s a very real chance that Victor Wembanyama will be the next Hall of Fame career cultivated by Coach Pop, the winningest coach in NBA history.

In his extensive career, Gregg Popovich has been behind the meteoric rises of Tim Ducan, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard, Manu Ginobili, and dozens of other NBA veterans. Popovich has helped the San Antonio Spurs capture the NBA Championship five times, but perhaps the most impressive detail is that these came years and years apart. Those championships were won in 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2014.

It’s been a long time since the Spurs went a full decade without an NBA Championship, and there’s no doubt that the potential of Victor Wembanyama is a key ingredient in getting back to the dance. As far as the NBA 2K24 ratings are concerned and the NBA 2K24 Wembanyama rating, the stars seem to have aligned and Wemby’s rating may only be going up from here.

NBA 2K24 Wembanyama rating - court ready (2024)
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