NBA 2K24: Best Victor WEMBANYAMA Build - MGW (2024)

by Fernando /Game Guides, NBA 2K24 Guides /01 Jan 2023

Hey y’all what’s poppin’?? If you’re an NBA 2K fanatic and you’re also keeping an eye on future NBA prospects, you’ve probably heard of Victor Wembanyama. This dude is like a unicorn, no cap. Standing at a towering 7-foot-4 or even 7-foot-5 by some accounts he’s considered one of the most hyped prospects in NBA draft history… Now, let’s keep it a buck; creating a build like Wembanyama in NBA 2K24 is a tall order (pun intended). But guess what? We’re about to dive into how to craft the ultimate Victor Wembanyama build.

The Limitations

First off, the game limits you at 7-foot-3; Yeah I know, it’s a bummer… You can’t recreate that crazy 7-foot-5 height in the game. But don’t trip; 7-foot-3 is still monstrous in 2K.

Position and Physicals

  • Position: Center (duh, what else?)
  • Height: 7’3″ (Max allowed)
  • Weight: 230 lbs (You wanna be lean but not too light, gotta fight in the paint!)
  • Wingspan: Max it out (8). We want to be blocking shots into the stands.


  • Close Shot: 86 – This boy can finish. That high close shot rating ensures that when you’re in tight, you’re almost automatic. Those little put-backs, tip-ins, and close hooks? Cash money.
  • Driving Layup: 50 – He’s not Kyrie with the layups, alright? But he’s a big man, so you ain’t buying him for his jelly.
  • Driving Dunk: 70 & Standing Dunk: 99 – Man’s not playing around in the paint. While he may not be posterizing defenders on the drive all the time, give him a stationary position near the rim, and it’s a done deal. That 99 standing dunk? It’s BBQ chicken down there.
  • Post Control: 64 – He’s got some moves in the post, but this ain’t prime Hakeem. Still, with the right badges, he can get busy down low.
  • Mid-Range & Three-Point Shot: 74 – For a big man? That’s flames. He’s stretching the floor, keeping those opposing centers on their toes. Pick and pop action? Yes, sir.
  • Free Throw: 55 – Alright, so here’s a weak spot. Big Vic might struggle from the charity stripe. You gotta put in some work on the free throw line during practices.
  • Pass Accuracy: 40 – He ain’t Jokic. Keep the playmaking to your guards and forwards.
  • Ball Handle: 51 & Speed With Ball: 44 – Look, he’s not gonna be breaking ankles, but he can hold his own in transition and won’t get stripped every time he dribbles.
  • Interior Defense: 70 – This is where he shines. Opposing bigs will think twice before going up on Big Vic in the paint.
  • Steal: 59 – Not bad for a big man. With the right timing, he might snatch a few.
  • Block: 90 – SWAT TEAM. Seriously, he’s erasing shots left and right. A cornerstone for any defense.
  • Offensive Rebound: 70 & Defensive Rebound: 92 – Big Vic is a glass cleaner. Especially on the defensive end. Expect him to grab boards over multiple defenders.
  • Speed: 55 & Acceleration: 45 – He’s not the fastest on the floor, but he ain’t a snail either. Can definitely run the floor in fast breaks.
  • Strength: 72 – He’s got some beef. While not the strongest in the game he can hold his own in the post…
  • Vertical: 70 – Those alley-oops? Lob them up, and watch him soar.
  • Stamina: 90 – The big man’s got lungs. He’s running the floor, contesting shots, and still has gas left in the 4th.


Finishing Badges

  • Posterizer: Hall of Fame
  • Slithery Finisher: Gold
  • Putback Boss: Silver

Shooting Badges

  • Catch and Shoot: Gold
  • Corner Specialist: Silver

Playmaking Badges

  • Break Starter: Gold
  • Dimer: Silver

Defensive/Rebounding Badges

  • Rim Protector: Hall of Fame
  • Rebound Chaser: Hall of Fame
  • Intimidator: Gold

Playstyle and Tips

Alright, so you’ve set up your Wembanyama build, now what?? Dominate, that’s what! You’re basically a cheat code in the paint. Work the post, snag those boards, and don’t be afraid to take an open three if they disrespect you like that.


  • In the Paint: Use that 99 standing dunk to its fullest. Back down your defender and jam it on them.
  • Pick and Pop: Set a screen and fade for a wide-open three. You’ve got the shooting badges and attributes for it.


  • Be a Menace: Use that wingspan and blocking ability to swat shots and make opponents think twice before entering the paint.
  • Grab Boards: With your height and rebounding badges, you should be pulling down rebounds like crazy…

Team Play

  • Be Selfish, But Not Too Selfish: You’re a dominant force but you’ve also got playmaking badges. Don’t forget to dish out some dimes to your open teammates…

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NBA 2K24: Best Victor WEMBANYAMA Build - MGW (2024)
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